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Alexander Begum

Hi, I'm Alexander Begum. Here's a little bit about myself

Alexander Begum was born and raised in Texas and practices law in the community that nurtured his early years. Alex still resides in Texas and is very involved with his family. Alexander Begum’s career in law was born of a true desire to help others. The art of giving is something Alex practices so routinely that it has become an integral part of his professional and personal life including The Begum Law Firm. Alex gives freely of his time and expertise to offer pro bono legal services to those who need them.  His special interest in pro bono cases has been put to excellent use. Alexander Begum has been a personal injury lawyer in the state of Texas since 2003. Alex is a founding shareholder in the Begum Law Group with offices in San Antonio, Brownsville and McAllen.   In 2010 Alex Begum was chosen to be among the elite few that are accepted into the Trial Lawyers College. This intense program is intended to push each individual student toward a greater understanding of themselves while developing their lawyer skills.  Every attorney that graduates from the Trial Lawyers College walks away knowing they have improved not only their skills as attorneys but have improved their “personhood” as well. Attending such a program is not an easy task. Alexander made the choice to be away from his home, family and law practice to devote the time to attend and graduate from the Trial Lawyers College. He willingly made this sacrifice for a singular purpose. He wanted to be better able to help his clients and serve his community.

Alexander Begum's Background

Alexander Begum's Experience

Owner at The Begum Law Group

May 2003 - Present | San Antonio

Founding owner of The Begum Law Group. Specializing in personal injury cases throughout south Texas.

Owner at Begum, Tijerina & Willis, L.L.C.

Alexander Begum's Education

Trinity University

1996 – 2000

Alexander Begum's Interests & Activities

Law, Science, Technology, Tennis

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